Our Story

It started as a simple conversation over a fresh brewed coffee (or was it tea?) between 3 families and our common passion for all things beautiful…and 7 years of friendship transformed into a realization of a dream - EthnicMantra.

EthnicMantra brings you a wide selection of unique handcrafted home decor and lifestyle artifacts.

Sourced from different regions of the world, reflecting various ethnicities, & cultures, EthnicMantra promises to bring the world to your home.

EthnicMantra takes great pride in sourcing and developing skillfully crafted products from artisans across the globe. Our products are made using high quality materials. As each piece is handmade the imperfections are an intrinsic part and add to its character. Please treasure this piece as it has been specially handcrafted for you. The EthnicMantra family would like to thank you for helping support our skilled artisans. We hope you enjoy this artifact as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.